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She has flaws, but she cares about the people around her, and the show features the strongest female family relationships since “Gilmore Girls.” All that sincerity, coupled with the soapy drama, could feel overwhelming, but the show’s tone ably straddles the line between serious and silly, making it unlike anything else currently on TV.

The scripts are smart, but “Jane the Virgin”’s secret weapon is Anthony Mendez as the show’s “Latin Lover” narrator.

The idea of TV being a downgrade from cinema has long since dissipated, and barely a week goes by without the announcement or arrival of a television project from an acclaimed talent or featuring A-list stars. The new world of small screen entertainment means that the traditional TV season is becoming less important, with some of the most popular or acclaimed shows arriving in the once-rerun-heavy summer months.

READ MORE: 15 Filmmakers At The Forefront Of The TV Revolution But it’s still there, in part because of Emmy consideration (TV’s Oscars take place in September, honoring shows on a June-May calendar), and as a result, it’s at this time of year that we look back at our favorite TV shows of the year.

But viewers coming to it from that angle were disappointed: the truth is that “Babylon”‘s satire is not so much delivered in witty, stinging dialogue (though there’s a fair bit of well-written quippery), as in drama that has the dial turned up a notch or two for heightened, and not always comic, effect.

The subtlety of this approach made “Babylon” unlike anything else on TV and is doubtless why it never found much of an audience and still awaits news on a second series (which feels less likely with each passing week) — but it’s also exactly what made the show so interesting.

But the story of the fictional eponymous town in isolated Arctic Norway does gradually work into its own groove, allowing interpersonal dramas to unfold against the backdrop of a potentially supernatural threat.The creative trio of Glenn Kessler, Todd Kessler, and Daniel Zelman translated the non-linear narrative formula of their New York-based legal thriller “Damages” to a more intimate setting; digging at the core of a prominent family’s inner circle, and going to great lengths to prove that life in the Florida Keys is only sunnier on the outside.It plays out like a double-edged origin story of two brothers, with John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) as the law-enforcing pillar of the community on one end, and his older brother Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) as the returned not-so-prodigal son who disturbs the peace on the other.“Jane the Virgin” is entirely aware of how ridiculous its central premise is: Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) is accidentally artificially inseminated when she goes for a pap smear and decides to keep the baby, whose father is a man she kissed five years ago.While “Jane the Virgin” resembles a fantasy in its over-the-top plot twists and the connections between its characters, the emotions are never less than genuine.

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