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Last night, the five time Super Bowl winner, undisputed King of American Football, and the man with everything a man could possibly want in life right down to a supermodel wife, lost.You might think the natural thing for Brady to do at the end would have been to seek out Nick Foles, shake his hand, and congratulate him. Philadelphia Eagles took the streets of the City of Brotherly Love to celebrate the team's first ever Super Bowl win after it defeated the New England Patriots on Sunday in in dramatic fashion, 41-33.Pay chief Neill Thomas (bottom right) chairs the panel which decides on bosses' pay.The African savannah is a very dangerous place for an animal - so it's essential to be able to hide.The actress can be seen struggling to control the car as she careens off a dirt road and into a tree, with her body then laying motionless and limp in the driver's seat until she is pulled out by members of the crew.She then writes that while she want sot show that 'the circumstances of this event were negligent to the point of criminality, she 'does not believe though with malicious intent.' The actress then goes on to excuse director Quentin Tarantino for some of the blame in the crash while indicting Harvey Weinstein and her agents at CAA.John Mahoney, the veteran actor best known for playing Martin Crane, the father on the 90s NBC hit Frasier, has died at 77 Sunday in a Chicago hospice facility.The British-born actor starred alongside his on-screen sons Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce, as well as his beloved dog Eddie, in the sitcom which ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004.

Stories claiming that Prince Andrew's former wife had been left off the guestlist have been shot down by well placed sources.

The wintry conditions, which caused BA to cancel 80 Heathrow flights yesterday, and left Terminal Five appearing like a ghost town (bottom), are expected to continue into the weekend and possibly for the rest of the month.

Uma Thurman has posted footage of the brutal crash that occurred on the set of Kill Bill back in 2002 to her Instagram account.

He pocketed 11 times as much as the Prime Minister in 2017 and has a £5million riverside flat by Tower Bridge in London (inset middle).

The firm offers a fleet of vehicles to wheelchair users and others in return for their state disability allowances.

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