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This set the table for the man who would immortalize the Grande.Russ Gibb, a social studies teacher at Maples Junior High School in Dearborn was a popular local radio DJ at the time.Well, kids always want to go where their parents don’t want them to go.And I knew location wouldn’t mean diddley if the music was there, they’d come.The band’s lead singer, Rob Tyner, introduced Gibb to his friend Gary Grimshaw, who would go on to become a legendary graphic artist, made its concert posters and handbills to promote the shows. 7, 1966, to a crowd of about 60 people turning out to see the Chosen Few and The MC5.

And he came back to Detroit and thought we should have a place like that here. The MC5 wound up being like the anchor of the Grande, playing there every week at least once.

And if you were lucky, Neal would come with a new batch of acid at 10 o’clock on a Friday night and pass it out to the regulars. And by the time you went home – if you went home – you would be in a whole different place mentally, just completely different.

So in that way, it was like a gateway into a new and much more interesting and exciting world, which had music at the core of it, and art and images, you know. It was nothing like Ford Motors, quite frankly.” It featured one of the largest strobe lights ever built at the time.

“The Grande is a place where you’d pay to get in, and you’d try to find the best-looking girl you could and ask her to dance,” recalled Fred Herr, now 86 years old and living in Plymouth. The ballroom did not serve liquor, “nor do we allow persons who have been drinking on the premises. “We do not emphasize the type of dancing or create the kind of atmosphere that appeals to troublemakers.” Despite the changing world, “people still love to dance and meet others with the same interest.

Many a nice young couple found each other at a place like ours,” Mrs. This “squarish” attitude and the Hayeses’ reluctance to change led to the Grande’s downfall, and it eventually closed and was turned into roller-skating rink and then a storage facility for mattresses.

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