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This is almost always related to their job: professors, teachers, or professionals with a strong presence online are examples that I have run into.

I shall miss her every minute of every day.” St Alban’s crown court was told Langdell charmed “beautiful and vibrant” Southampton University graduate Katie with two weeks of messages. 23 and spent the night drinking heavily before checking into exclusive 4-star Theobolds Park Hotel in Hertfordshire at a.m.

Prosecutor Ann Evans said: “The tragedy of this case is that Katie Locke, like thousands of other young people, having agreed to a date with Carl Langdell, accepted what he told her about himself.

“At the end of their first date in the early hours of 24 December last year, she agreed to go back to a hotel with him, he strangled her in that hotel room and then dumped her body near a skip [dumpster] outside the hotel.” Katie’s heartbroken parents, Bill and Jennifer, confronted Langdell, who had sat in the dock sobbing. Locke broke down when she read a victim impact statement.

The judge told Langdell, who showed no emotion as he was led away: “You confessed to the psychiatric nurse responsible for your care that you were attracted to the younger sister of your girlfriend and wanted to cut her throat, take her clothes off to see her naked and have sex with her dead body.

“Taking account of the aggravating and mitigating circumstances in your case, I set the minimum term for the sentence of life imprisonment I must pass upon you at 26 years.

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