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During this period, Hollins also pioneered several academic practices; it became the first school in the United States to begin a system of elective study, and it was the first to establish an English department under a full professor.

Miss Cocke shared the opinion of president John Mc Bryde of Sweet Briar Women's College, who in 1907 decried the "independence" sought by Vassar and other members of the Seven Sisters and suggested instead that women's education focus on "grace [and] refinement".Earthquake Engineering Consultancy, Seismic Code Development, Risk Assessment, Management & Reduction Analysis, Insurance Assessment, Lifelines, Earthquake Hazard Mapping, Seismological Research & Data Gathering, Architects, Urban Planners Earthquake Engineering Consultancy, Risk Assessment, Management & Reduction Analysis, Damage Mitigation Devices, Testing, Seismological Research & Data Gathering, Suppliers, Manufactures & Contractors Consulting and research engineering in the fields of mechanical, metallurgy, damping and seismic isolation.) campus on the border of Roanoke and Botetourt counties in the U. Hollins has since evolved into a full university with approximately 800 enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Gaillard, Goodnight Moon author Margaret Wise Brown, Lee Smith, photographer Sally Mann, and Ellen Malcolm, founder of EMILY's List.The Cocke family agreed to turn over ownership if sufficient funds were raised in 1925, but the Depression slowed their efforts. Hollins was one of the first colleges in the nation to establish a study abroad program, launching Hollins Abroad-Paris in 1955.A scathing 1930 letter from alumna Eudora Ramsay Richardson in the South Atlantic Quarterly indicted the American Association of University Women for regional bias. Approximately half of Hollins students have an international learning experience.

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