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If there's one thing we've taken away from 2018, it's that by this time next year, we will be in Boston the first...

Guys, meet the DUO glass, a handblown, all-purpose cocktail and whiskey glass that should be an essential in every man's bar.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve partnered the statistics side-by-side with the hottest female and male celebrities.

." The website explains that by "measuring a girl's visibility, fashion kudos, cultural impact and continued success with key clients within the market," the list ultimately "showcases the beauties who channel their sex appeal into big bucks and major bookings." Cintia Dicker, Isabeli Fontana​, Izabel Goulart​, Kate Upton, Marloes Horst​ So what's the point, you ask?

Some people prefer to sleep all day long and waste...

When it comes to setting the mood, most of the time it takes a lot more than a glass of red wine and some dim lighting. Pimple Popper's You Tube channel is by far nastiest (in a good way) on the internet.

), she told us ‘the more swimsuit options you take with you the better.

For the sake of convenience, here are the the rest of the top 20 sexiest accents in list format:11. Other Scandinavian Countries(Finland, Norway, Denmark)13. Packing a swimsuit that’s versatile is a must, swimsuit by day, top by night!Man, we can't believe that we didn't know about Extreme Beer Fest until today!‘I was inspired to start a swimwear line after searching for a unique swimsuit while on vacation; that’s when I realised the industry lacked creativity and representation of African designers, so I became that representation.’ We asked Buki about her top tips for a beach trip.Apart from bringing lots of suncream (tanlines beware!

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    , el primer videojuego subido a la Deep Web o Red Profunda, el conjunto de páginas inaccesibles para los motores de búsqueda comunes que esconden todo tipo de contenido prohibido, ilegal o perturbador.

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    It was spelled 'J-A-S-S.' That was dirty, and if you knew what it was, you wouldn't say it in front of ladies." The American Dialect Society named it the Word of the Twentieth Century.

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    Unlike so many other shows on this list, and even most modern sitcoms and dramas, Sister, Sister centered on a fairly normal black family—one that wasn’t especially wealthy or poor; these characters didn’t own a music empire, nor did they run the streets of Baltimore.

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