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Rodrick, who represented himself in court, painted himself as a victim."It's not easy to be a defendant when you were the plaintiff," he said in a rambling closing argument Wednesday in which he denied ownership of the websites, argued about the amount of money they generated and complained about various court rulings.Start with a free website, and select the premium features you need as your business grows.Search API We offer mapping and search capabilities for your applications using our custom built j SON API script.Batch Processing API If you need to search hunderds or thousands of names in databases we provide a batch importer. This is why we provide information to help protect you and your family.

Performing a criminal search does not need to be terribly difficult.Rodrick's websites accused her of having an adulterous relationship, being an alcoholic and working with child molesters who sought to discredit the websites.Flynn said the Internet postings damaged her reputation and affected her relationships at church, where she once worked with kids.The court clerk had barely finished reading the judgments when Rodrick leaned sideways in his chair and called out to the opposing parties with a promise to appeal."Well, gentleman.You know the drill," he said in a loud, mirthful voice.

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