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Stagnant, insular, and stubbornly Cajun, it is fixed in place only by grit and the work of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Back in 2009, the Drama Club murder was noted only by the local paper and a couple of gay blogs. For many years, fewer people moved into or out of nearby Vacherie than any other part of America.

Dufrene was there the day Le Compte was diagnosed with H. As the pair grew to be best friends, Chesnut invited Le Compte to move into his spacious trailer, where he kept a room for younger men in need.

Though Le Compte’s budding relationship with a man named Michael Faciane gave hope to some friends that a future serious relationship was brewing, Chesnut and Le Compte’s roommate arrangement lasted until Le Compte’s death.

Houma is located in Terrebonne Parish, where one out of every 15 families still speak French at home. Workers lived rent-free on the big sugar plantations and sharecropping lasted into the 1950s; a few families still live in sharecropper cabins. ” and once they get an answer, there’s always a follow-up: which Verdin, which Dufrene, which Alleman?

(“There are four different Marcel families,” one Dufrene told me.

Snapshots of the evening, shared later with the Sheriff’s Department, show the bar full of people grinning and dancing. M., there were only eight people at the bar, including Le Compte and a young man named Jorell Young.“Where their grandparents had settled is now water.” Each census shows fewer French-speaking households.The area is becoming like the rest of the Deep South: more Protestant, more Republican.The portrait that emerges from friends’ accounts is consistent: Le Compte was “simple,” trusting, loving, and very, very gay, even before he was out—a Princess Myshkin of South Louisiana. status was a liability, and he got fired again and again. In early 2004, Le Compte joined the bar’s cleaning team, later working his way up to bartender. “Then he worked himself up over here to where he was running the whole fucking show.” Chesnut is dapper, droll, foulmouthed, and silver-haired; he wears black turtlenecks under sport coats and sounds like the smoker he once was.Several acquaintances mentioned his tendency to greet them by jumping up and wrapping his legs around them. Unfit for the oil rigs, he was forced to look for work in retail and food service—but in those jobs, his staunch refusal to hide his H. Having quit on the advice of his doctor, he now constantly vapes an e-cigarette.

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