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The huge dining table, the expensive chairs and sofas, the two huge flatscreens.And unlike many men before him, he was in a unique position to -- perhaps -- realize his lofty goal. The man was alone for the moment, though he could hear the incessant bustle of his employees echoing through the halls.Each in a different pose, their bodies the idealized perfection of the human form.

Expensive artwork hung on the walls and recessed lighting kept the hallway nearly sunlight bright at all times.

Its mere size, however, was not the hallway's most striking feature.

A visitor couldn't help but notice that along both walls, every five meters or so, there was a well-lit alcove.

"Explain to me again how she got onto my property." "One of the sensors near the Special Projects Testing Center apparently malfunctioned.

But the sensor rings overlap, so I don't know how she got through undetected.

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    The film does have its lighter moments within dialog and scenes with Rocco the pitbull puppy, but for the most part this a really dark film with an equally gritty scenery.

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