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After finishing WFKBJ, did I realised how short-changed you were in CITT and Moon Lovers. He's such a good actor, every role he's managed to portray perfectly, and he definitely has the potential for a lead, as we've seen in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Jo. If he accepts the role for The Bride of the Water God (which I hope he does), he'll probably be a water god. Wish i can have a Joonhyung-like boyfriend in real life lol.

Hope you'll be given different roles in the future. I've watched everything that he's been in, and he is AMAZING! Next he was in Kim Bok Joo a a professional swimmer. i really fall in love with his Joonhyung character!

for the first time I saw you, in School 2015- I started to like you! @funi hehe reply 1988: D I think he is one of the most perfect man i've ever seen in my life; handsome and cute at the same time, really tall, has a set of beautiful eyes, killing smile, oh well killing abs hehe and he is also a manly type of person.. Btw, he looks bit like Yoo Ah In in someway, not pretty sure which part. Annyeonghaseyo, I love you so mush , I hope that you can one day notice my comments and answer me .. and now i m addicted to you i m following all you news your pictures ..

LOVE YAH nam joo hyck....i like u soo much....frm INDIA ......people here r very big fans of korean dramas.....u r so cute and innocent.....u r actng in who r u was very good ......i hope i wll see u in many more dramas....future.....fighting!!!!! "Han Yi-an is a life-time friend, but he's not my soulmate. he just doesn't know it yet." Han Yi-an was just a little slow, but he finally realized it when Eun-bi came into his life. wow ur act very so cool and handsome, I like watching high school 2015 this drama, Yi Ahn so cool and handsome... bcz his acting is way more matured than his age..i wish he would end up with Eun Bi in the drama.up the good work..you..fighting Han yi ahn you're so handsome, and tall..

I really loved your portrayal as Jeong Joon Hyung, it really fits your handsomeness. I got amazed of what he did in his latest drama "Weightlifting". He's cute that's why I am having a crush on him.(hahahahaha) More projects to come!

When i watched him on Who Are You: School 2015 i have no idea why he's the lead with that kind of acting.. His acting still lack but i hope he'll improve somehow..

(Sungjae is from a boyband and they're all about acting but I agree he did a good job in School 2015 and in Goblin) I dont really like him first.

And when I accidentally saw him in Weightlifting Fairy (for lack of kdramas that interested me for months), I thought he looks like the actor in Scarlet only to confirm later that they are indeed one and the same. Now I have something new to go crazy in Kdrama land. I fall in love with you for the first time when I watch your drama Who Are You.

:) I first saw NJH in Scarlet Heart Rhyeo (I'm not sure if I got it correctly) and I thought he's really something more so because of his good looks though his name did not quite register to me then.

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