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How has your “arc” manifested itself, and how has it deviated from what you initially imagined?

I think the core ideas for the press have been there from the beginning, if not the near-beginning, and these ideas have simply expanded, or become better articulated and executed.

above/ground is known – among other things – as having an uncanny ability to divine emerging writers who seem to be on the verge of something bigger.Traz como cenário a Guerra dos Sete Anos, que envolveu ingleses e franceses, de 1756 a 1763, na disputa por terras no solo americano.Cora e Alice, filhas do coronel britânico Munro, soa salvas por Olho-de-Falcão (um caçador branco que vivia entre os moicanos) e seus companheiros, o velho guerreiro Chingachgook e seu filho Uncas, do ataque dos índios huronianos, Esse oficial havia sido responsável pela morte de um dos chefes huronianos, que viram na aliança com os franceses um modo de se vingar.I look for writing that intrigues, surprises and/or inspires.I want writing that makes me slightly jealous that I didn’t compose it myself.

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    I dated a widower for a year and a half, and even though his wife had been dead for over eight years, he still didn't move on.

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