Nadia bolz weber homosexuality

I love you and claim you because of that.’”Perfectionism is deeply embedded in American Christianity.

The Puritans performed piety in hopes of being part of God’s chosen elect, and their efforts were followed by three centuries of purity balls and pushes for temperance and church culture that revels in polish.

But Bolz-Weber was referring to something simpler, and more pervasive—to use her word, “bullshit.”“I have this hunch that people really find Jesus compelling, and they see what Christianity really could be.

Either way, it’s misguided because …it’s not our tent. The wideness of the tent be it the church or society, should only concern me insofar as it points to the great mercy and love of a God who welcomes us all as friends. And in the Jesus business there is not male or female, jew or greek, slave or free, gay or straight, there is only one category of people: children of God.

But she also doesn’t put a lot of stock in her own schtick.“Oh, here’s this tattooed pastor who is a recovering alcoholic who used to be a stand-up comic—that’s interesting for like five minutes,” she said.

“The fact that people want to hear from me—that, I really feel, has less to do with me and more to do with a Zeitgeist issue.”America’s church-y “Zeitgeist issues” are many, including the alleged decline of religion; the seeming lacklusterness of mainline Protestantism; and the backlash against religious institutions that have themselves sinned, against children or LGBT folks or those who gave their money to support ministry.

“The sort of slight formality and nicey-nice chit-chat and dressing up a little and not going too deep, but just being nice, good people who do some volunteer hours.”Even though she’s part of a progressive, mainline Lutheran denomination, with this particular jab, Bolz-Weber sounds a lot like many American conservatives and evangelicals.

Mainline Protestantism is dying, it’s sometimes said, for exactly this reason: It’s Christian identity, not Christian theology.

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