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Pena Joe Perez Juan Perez Michael Perez Kimberly Powell Gilberto Quezada Pablo Ricardo Quintana Oscar Ramirez Roberto G. I look forward to reading Somos Primos each month!! I started this script on a serious subject by interjecting the location of my discovery! YOU HAVE CAUGHT THE ESSENCE OF WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO . "Congress didn't foresee at the time that employers would want more immigrants in the years ahead," Meissner says.

Oscar Ramirez [email protected] Mimi , Thank you so much for sending this! As such, and being her Power of Attorney in business and medical matters, we went to a local funeral home to arrange for her to have adequate burial coverage - just in case. But a major conceptual flaw in the bill, says Doris Meissner, was that the authors of the bill simply misjudged the high demand for immigrant labor in the United States.

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That includes more stringent border security as well as a legalization provision that covers all unauthorized immigrants, not just a portion. May I include your assessment in the December issue. Unauthorized immigrants began moving to all parts of the country, rather than staying concentrated in California, Texas and Illinois. In California, up to 80 percent of seasonal harvesting is done through contractors - and unauthorized immigrants are thought to make up a massive portion of the workforce. As Princeton sociologist Douglas Masseyhas explained (pdf), the beefed-up Border Patrol ended up driving immigrants away from their traditional crossing spots near El Paso and San Diego. For one, there's still no reliable and tamper-proof system to prove legal residency - a national ID card, say - that would make employer enforcement airtight. approach is still relevant and workable if carried out vigorously," Mazzoli and Simpson wrote in 2006. Ewell George Farias Refugio Fernandez Maggie Fox Henry A. Yet even the authors of the 1986 bill have worried that Congress could repeat some of the mistakes of the past.

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