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(2) Relation to other laws The administration of the program by a State agency shall be consistent with the rights of households under the following laws (including implementing regulations): (A) The Age (t) Grants for simple application and eligibility determination systems and improved access to benefits (1) In general Subject to the availability of appropriations under section 2027(a) of this title, for each fiscal year, the Secretary shall use not more than ,000,000 of funds made available under section 2027(a)(1) of this title to make grants to pay 100 percent of the costs of eligible entities approved by the Secretary to carry out projects to develop and implement- (B) measures to improve access to supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits by eligible households.(2) Types of projects A project under paragraph (1) may consist of- (A) coordinating application and (B) establishing methods for applying for benefits and determining eligibility that- (i) more extensively use- (I) communications by telephone; and (II) electronic alternatives such as the Internet; or (ii) otherwise improve the administrative infrastructure used in processing applications and determining eligibility; (E) carrying out such other activities as the Secretary determines to be appropriate.she runs JFS with a sadistic glee that’s only goal is to keep people from accessing social services.

Each agency has enforcement authority over the health programs and activities it funds; HHS encourages other agencies to adopt the standards in this proposed rule in their own enforcement of Section finances have not changed, i have no employment protections, i have been under the financial limit and social detriments needed to access services the entire time.I then sought services thru warren county in 2012 when i was then denied proper documentation as well pushing me out of the program then even though i was still assisting with non profits at that time stemming from the original program in butler, without assistance reimbursement for those efforts.Well there are, state JFS never amended my gender within the system, it was assumed it would be done so when I refilled but if they cant deny me over gender their just going to be unreceptive.finally we filled thru a les bigoted (or so we thought) JFS in Hamilton county, approved, retroactive a month and a half, but never sent a food stamp card, so instead they sent a flyer for a truck driving school I cant utilize due to past accidents and a demand to refile or lose services I haven’t had in 5 yrs.

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