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I usually would take a little class time to review the principles and then give students some time to apply them.

The second assignment asks students to design a persuasion campaign for some social, political, or public service topic.From the Teaching High School Psychology blog: "In this demonstration, an actor effectively 'fools' a group of medical experts into thinking that he is also a medical expert and maintains the facade over an hour long talk.He based this deception on one Scientific American article and one day of preparation." Cialdini's principles - [] I am very happy to see this new video from Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin.A funny bit from Penn and Teller in which they send a woman to collect signatures at an environmental rally to ban dihydrogen monoxide (H2O). Using Principles of Social Influence to Create Prosocial Change - This project also won honorable mention for the 2013 Social Psychology Network Action Teaching Award."In this action teaching assignment, students begin by learning about six key principles of social influence from Robert Cialdini's book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion: (1) commitment and consistency, (2) social proof, (3) liking, (4) reciprocation, (5) authority, and (6) scarcity.

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