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Anyway, those are the two recent examples; investors pushing Brexit propaganda not because they think leaving the EU would be good for the UK but in the pursuit of short-term profit: and big fossil fuel interests (national-level actors like Russia/Gazprom and corporate actors like Koch Industries) seeking a fossil-fuel-friendly policy environment by buying targeted political campaigning and deploying cyberwar techniques against politicians perceived as being less receptive to their desire for profit.

(African and African-American Studies subsidizes events that require admission fees.) Senior Honors: If a student maintains an overall grade point average of at least 3.65 and a major grade point average of 3.50 by the second semester of their junior year, they may be eligible to conduct a Latin Honors thesis Elective courses: 15 units at the 300 level or above.

with the money markets: hedge funds bet big on Brexit, because they predicted that in event of a "leave" vote going through, shares in the FTSE 100 would underperform by 20%: so they shorted the entire market.

However, it's a bet that, by and large, they lost money on.

The program also regularly sponsors lectures on topics of interest in all areas of the black experience.

In many cases, lecturers participate in classes by giving special lectures within the classroom setting.

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