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They were forever immortalized together on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Thursday.

And that may be the closest we ever get to seeing Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn making it official.

‘Goldie told me she slept with Warren when she was doing the movie Dollars and was still married to Gus.

I asked her how she managed to fit it in as Gus was making a documentary about the film.

Goldie, 71, says it's growing together.'You can't just go along and say, '(This) is the way I am, so whatever,' No, you really try and be better and better.''Nothing can be better than what we have,' she told ET in 1997, 'But somehow, marriage means a lot to people, so yeah, I give that to them.' They have one son together, 30 year old Wyatt Russell.

Goldie has daughter Kate and son Oliver from her six-year marriage to musician Bill Hudson.

It is typical of Hollywood that when someone reaches a level of fame no one disagrees with them.

Goldie was pandered to and became spoilt.’‘She glared at me. Two weeks later she had her assistant call me to say Bruno had gone. She fell sobbing into my arms and told me how much she loved and missed me. But I believe in an open relationship, in open marriage.” ’He says she confessed to an affair with Warren Beatty.

Being together, two pillars holding up the house and the roof, and being different, not having to agree on everything, learning how to deal with not agreeing.

He had no interest in talking to me and I just thought he was a jerk.

They got up to leave and Goldie told me they were called Gina and Gus and were siblings.

The film is about a heartbroken woman who takes her cautious mother to South America for an exotic getaway.

Kurt has a film too: on Friday his movie Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. It's rare for two people to get stars on the same day, but it seemed like a fit.

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