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Sapir became an American citizen and in 1948 he married Berti Willikes-Mac Donald a Dutch citizen.

They had two children Leo Alexander born in 1949 and Anna Brechta born in 1952 He remained active in historical research as the Director of the Research Department of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

He settled in New York where he became an active member of the sole surviving significant group of exiled Mensheviks.

Led by such party veterans as Fedor and Lidiia Dan Raphael, Abramovitch, Gregor Aronson Boris Nicolaevsky and others they continued to publish Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik until 1965 and to discuss the present and future of Russia.

Boris Sapir attended the Vitanovskii Gymnasium in Lodz until 1914.

After the occupation of Lodz by the Central Powers in December 1914 the Sapirs settled in Moscow and Boris continued his education at the gymnasium division of the Lazarevskii Institute of Oriental Languages.

Sapir's family in the West was notified, and of this a few months later by which time the USSR had ceased to exist.

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In English the result was The Jewish Community of Cuba Settlement and Growth New York 1948 In 1944 Sapir entered the United States.In an announcement of Sapir's death his family noted We are grateful that he was able to experience the beginning of the disintegration of communism in Eastern Europe.On December 6 1991 on the eve of the dissolution of the, USSR, Soviet legal authorities officially recognized that Sapir's arrests and convictions in 1921-25 were illegal and he was rehabilitated along with many other former political prisoners.He was also one of the initiators of the Inter-University Project on the History of the Menshevik Movement.He was one of the authors of The Mensheviks From the Revolution of 1917 to the Second World War Chicago and London 1974 contributing its thoughtful concluding section Notes and Reflections on the History of Menshevism.

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