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It is piped and It is unlikely that the little stream (Wicken Water) ever makes it up to road level. It can get quite deep at time and also very fast running.

Part of the stream bed had dried out when visited in August.' TL772204 (1*) Irish Bridge Sent in by John Walton (Image 1: 17/04/2013), Dave Cooper (Image 2: 10/08/2013) and Mike Kneller (Image 3: 11/08/2013) 'It came as a surprise to see water flowing across the road because Google Street View showed it sans water. On occasion went through it at near bonnet height in Range Rover, worrying thing I went through it a few days later when it was only a couple of inches deep and there was a large tree trunk about 15 feet long and about 12 inches diameter wedged against the fence, obviously washed down when it was running fast!

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Has a footbridge at one end, a footpath on the bank and a standard depth gauge.' TL685328 (1*) Restricted Access Sent in by Adam Abel (25/01/2004) 'Not many people realise these days but the "pond" (its the river really) at: Finchingfield is actually a ford, as shown in the picture on the link below taken turn of the century.' TL617122 (4*) Off-Roaders Only!

' TL794205 (1*) Irish Bridge Sent in by Michael Bardell (04/01/2017) 'A simple ford on an unnamed tributary of the River Blackwater just off Church Lane, Cressing.

The small stream is culverted with just one 9 inch pipe and has a footbridge, it often has water across the road in winter months.' TL771038 (3*) Suitable for All Sent in by John Nicholls (08/06/2003) 'Concreted road base extending on the south side with kerbing for about 25 feet.

4x4 required as the exit/entrance ramps are very steep.' (Image 1 in 2004) 'Whilst the description of this ford on Wet Roads is accurate, the image is somewhat out of date and the star rating is wholly inaccurate!

The ford at Great Sampford is located on a marked byway to the side of the bridge that carries the B1051.

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