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Worse, they can create security vulnerabilities that make it more likely for you to get infected with actual malware.For example, in 2015, a vulnerability in a common PUP (Mac Keeper) was used to install malware on Macs that had Mac Keeper installed.Add to this the fact that security of Windows has improved over the years as well and it becomes difficult to say which system is more secure.As with other such myths, there’s an element of truth here, though.Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and mac OS security is certainly far from it.There are plenty of ways to circumvent Mac security.Adware and PUPs are a serious problem on the Mac right now.Although these things are not malware, they are a huge nuisance.

Adware is software that injects ads into websites where they don’t belong and changes your search engine to a different one.Adware is designed to scam advertisers and search engines.The infected Macs are no more than a vehicle for generating revenue fraudulently from advertisers and search engines, who pay these adware-producing “affiliates” for referrals.Antivirus software has gotten a bad rap on the Mac over the years.Thanks to historically low incidence of Mac malware, coupled with the system problems that some antivirus programs have been known to cause, Mac users are skittish about installing security software.

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