Default global address list is not updating

However, if you need an office address, it’s not available. Almost half of all users do not know how to do a simple look-up from the i OS phone app.

It simply isn't as easy as searching the GAL when you compose an email.

What is causing said problem: The error causing the Global Address List to not update is a corrupt file within Outlook.

This can happen after a long period of use with outlook and happens for no apparent reason.

However, if you click on the After opening the address book, many users scroll up and down only to realize that they don’t see the contact they need.

Next they might type a few characters in the search box (Tag 1).

If you open the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007Address Book and do not see the name or e-mail address you are looking for, you might need to choose another address book from the Address Book list.At this point, they have spent close to a minute with no result.If the GAL is kept up to date, you might be ready to dial to the business phone and mobile phone.Mobile users on the corporate Exchange Server occasionally use the Global Address List (GAL).Users will eventually need to call a co-worker that isn't in their address book. Half of your users will fail at this task and the other half won't find it a productive experience.

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