Dating playground credit card fraud

Favored were those female subordinates 'who dress provocatively, have large breasts, or who are having an actual sexual relationship with the [bosses]' according to the suit.

On the other hand, the lawsuit claims, 'competent female employees who dressed conservatively or refused to take part in the sexual promiscuity were blackballed and ridiculed'.

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There was a big crowd of supporters who arrived to drink coffee, eat freshly-baked scones and to rummage through the items on the Bric a Brac and book stall.

Orlando says through her attorneys that she was instructed to treat the lavish gifts as legitimate company expenses, and that employees were ordered to keep the sexual affair secret from Mancino's wife.Seven managers of the companies ran them in a way 'that is so sexually aggressive, morally repulsive and unlawfully hostile that it is rivaled only by the businesses portrayed in the films "Boiler Room" and "The Wolf Of Wall Street",' claims the suit filed by Orlando, Evelyn Grondski and Donna Simone, two former sales reps.Their bosses 'shamelessly created a sexual harassment playground fueled by drugs and alcohol and swarming with hand-picked young women rewarded for dressing and behaving provocatively - all in order to indulge their misogyny and vulgar sexual perversions,' Matthew A. In one of the litany of anecdotes offered up, the suit claims that Mark Mancino, Chief Financial Officer of the companies, ordered Orlando to handle the payment for a stripper at a company party.The complaint also states that Mancino paid a low-level female employee an executive salary with generous bonuses 'so she could afford breast implants'.On another occasion, Mancino allegedly met a 22-year-old named Gabby at the gym, and hired her on the spot.

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