Dating a libra male

The detachment of Libra makes them great observers and they can be astute listeners.

The Libra man finds himself by closely observing what's mirrored back to him in relationships.

Plan first dates in stimulating settings with a lot to talk about like museums, cultural centers, and festivals.

The polarity is Aries, the sign of "I am." And Libra is the first sign of knowing the self through what's reflected in the eyes of another (or the public).

Libra in love is flirty, easy going, and at home with a lot of togetherness. This will give away his desires and also his version of a good time.

To pique his interest, find out what he's fascinated by and start conversations about that.

He's got a secret love ally, with his ruling planet being Venus herself.If he has a wandering eye or seems preoccupied, he might be imagining life with another.He's an air sign, so a key to knowing if it's a match is discovering his mind.That's not to say he's not manly or edgy; Libra actors Viggo Mortenson and Clive Owen spring to mind.You score points when you show that you appreciate his artful eye.

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