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This analysis highlights the multitude of m RNAs bound by one ARE-BP and conversely the large number of ARE-BP that associate with any particular ARE-containing m RNA.

This situation is discussed with respect to functional redundancies or antagonisms.

The minimal sequence motif necessary to increase the turnover of chimeric m RNAs is the nonamer UUAUUUA(U/A)(U/A) (36,37), but only a modest effect on the stability of a reporter m RNA is produced by the insertion of a single nonamer in the 3′-UTR (36,37).

Systematic mutagenesis of the UUAUUUAUU motif in GM–CSF ARE confirmed that two or four copies of the nonamer motif were more efficient in promoting deadenylation and instability than a single copy of this motif (38).

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Class III AREs are much less well defined, they are U-rich regions but contain no AUUUA motif.In this survey, after briefly summarizing the data on the sequence characteristics of AREs, we present an analysis of the known ARE-binding proteins (ARE-BP) with respect to their m RNA targets and the consequences of their binding to the m RNA.In this analysis, both the changes in m RNA stability and the lesser studied effects on translation are considered.AREs are sequence elements of 50–150 nt that are rich in adenosine and uridine bases.They are located in the 3′-UTRs of many but not all m RNAs that have a short half-life and have been identified by their capacity to provoke degradation of the host m RNA by a mechanism dependent on deadenylation [shortening of the poly(A) tail] [reviewed in (26,27)].

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