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Several riders (and repairers and restorers) of classic scooters chat about their obsession. September, 2015 Need scooter gear for a female rider? Even is some of the major manufacturers haven't figured it out yet, small companies like Moto Chic Gear have.

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September, 2014 Just how capable can a small urban scooter be? July, 2014 We just received word from Genuine Scooters that a recall on the new Stella Automatic scooter is pending.

There is, of course, a Face Book page for the event, but the wise leaders at the aforementioned Scooter Collective have realized that NOT every single person on the planet utilizes Face Book. Running from Thursday July 14th through Sunday July 17th, 2016. Rides on the scenic shore drive and skyline parkway! Now's he's passed that scooter on to a friend and has a liquid-cooled Predator 250.

The last time I checked, the events schedule was starting to fill out and there's a local hotel with a block of rooms set aside. March, 2016 A big "Thank You" to Doug Coutts who did a fun podcast at this year's New Zealand Classic Scooter Club rally which took place in February at Tatum Park, Manakau New Zealand which is not too terribly far from Auckland on the North Island. February, 2016 The Twin Cities Scooter Collective has announced that they will be putting on a scooter rally in Minneapolis/St. CLICK HERE to read his thoughts on that scooter and his comparison to the air-cooled 150cc version.

CLICK HERE to step into the time transfer chamber and join us.

May, 2015 Yes, I know, it's been quite a while since a new scooter review appeared here at Just Gotta

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